Ongoing Projects

Bright Path Project: Government Interest free educational loan scheme awareness program

Sri Lankan government has undertaken an opportunity with the finance assistance of Ministry of Education, which provides higher education opportunities for students who are not selected for state universities in A/L examination. Including interest free Loan Scheme, students can continue their higher education.

Completed Projects

1000 Home Gardening Project

This project was carried out to encourage people to produce the food and vegetables they need by themselves, to partially compensate for the food shortages during the Covid 19 crisis in our country.

Post Graduate Webinar Sessions

This project clarifies the importance of post graduate courses ,their benefits and their glories to the undergraduates and graduates.

Ladies Wing’s Webinar Session

Through this, guidance is provided to develop the personality of female undergraduates and to use them to make the university environment suitable for them and to make use of the window of opportunity.

Crop Donation

All University Muslim Student Association in collaboration with the National Shoora Council has completed the 1000 Home Gardening Project and we are taking steps to provide further crop seedlings.
Here we will launch tree planting and conservation programs that will provide long term income to public places in the country. Accordingly, the first program was held in our western zone. Under this measure we hope to continue planting and conservation of such long-term income generating trees in public places.

Static Projects

Spade to Shade

The project was carried out with the collaboration of All State University Muslim Majlises and Undergraduate Associations and Volunteers across the country. Planted trees all over the country in places of worship (such as mosques, shrines, temples) and in public places like schools.

AUMSA e-Study

e-Study is a project that was carried out to guide the A/l students in each streams by giving a very vast knowledge on subjects they are troubling. The explanation was given to them through videos. You can watch it in AUMSA’s YouTube channel.

AUMSA Articles

This project was started with the aim of unleashing the literature skills within undergraduates. Through this the writing ability of all the university students was brought out. These articles were published in Newspapers and in social media platforms.