Operating with 16 National Universities, recognized by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka, AUMSA is a vast empire that represents 26 Muslim Majlises and functions in partnership with more than 20 undergraduate organizations representing each district.

Steered by 39 Executive Members (2020-2021), the organization has over 9000 Muslim undergraduates from all universities in Sri Lanka who are pursuing higher education in all disciplines.

AumsA works with the aim of developing Muslim university students as leaders and great citizens of the country and the community by providing them with guidelines to eliminate discrimination and unite them under one umbrella, maintaining their identity as Muslims.

And also, AumsA has done the needful in order to collaborate the nationally recognized muslim majlises with socially recognized national organisations. By this, AumsA plans to build dedicated and motivated undergraduates who are committed in upholding the education, discipline, patriotism and culture of the country. This will also help in developing the undergraduates as useful citizens for both society and the country. AumsA also works hard in implementing plans for the upliftment of the society.

Vision & Mission


To act as a volunteer student body with the aim of creating leaders and good citizens for the country and the community by providing them with guides to unite Muslim students from all universities under the umbrella of maintaining their identity as Muslims and eliminating discrimination.


To integrate with state-recognized local University Islamic Student Majlis and work with nationally functioning and socially recognized organizations to develop themselves as volunteer graduates who are useful to the community and the country, who are able to work with a commitment to balance education, discipline, patriotism and culture in a multicultural environment. And also to implement social welfare schemes.